Service Focused Design

The web design framework I built with Team FreshPlate is one example of approaching clients with service focused design–its genesis was in wanting to help the food service scene here in San Diego build easier/better/faster websites. But long before our framework became a reality, one of our team had already dedicated himself to the concept of exceptional service in all aspects of a web development package.

Gregor Hinckley, our button and form specialist, has his own business called Service Focused Design. His work ethic is summed up in his corporate motto: CARPE TELAM (Seize the Web), ESSE NEXUM (Be the Connection).

On his company site, he’s written a particularly informative blog post about Emmet shorthand for the viewport size metatag. Here’s a teaser–

Emmett has a huge number of shortcuts or imports that it pulls from JSON files. Some of these short cuts have a little too much information in them. By editing the correct JSON file, you can customize what Emmett outputs.

Enjoy the post here.


    1. I can’t wait to start your site, Lynn! I’ll be in touch soon. I spent a long time yesterday looking at your beautiful work on Facebook. I’m already thinking about fonts, etc., for you.

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